An Array of Veterinary Services for Your Animal Companions

At Baytown Animal Hospital, your pet will receive personal one-on-one care from our knowledgeable veterinarian Dr. Larry J. Christensen. No matter what your furry friend requires, you can rely on our team to offer excellent services.

Preventive Care

Our preventive veterinary services include vaccinations and physical exams to ensure that your pet is always in good shape. These also allow your pet to avoid harmful conditions and diseases.

Surgical Care

These services can range from spaying and neutering services to laser surgeries and tumor removal. With these procedures, your pet can enjoy better lifelong health.

Emergency Care

If you suspect that your animal companions may be sick or if they are injured, don’t hesitate to seek emergency care services. We will ensure that your pet receives the proper treatment for whatever ailments they may have.


We have a fully stocked pharmacy where you can purchase your pet’s medication. No matter what your feline or canine companion needs, we have the products you require.


Depending on your pet’s condition, our veterinarian may suggest that they undergo an X-ray. We can then determine what treatment your animal companion may require.

In-House Laboratory

With our in-house laboratory, we can provide a quick analysis of specimen samples collected from your pet. This also allows us to conduct tests at your convenience.


We offer various services to maintain your pet’s dental health. Addressing furry friend’s teeth problems can also prevent other diseases and issues.

Euthanasia and Cremation Services

Our team understands that losing a pet can be difficult, which is why we offer our support during these times. We provide euthanasia and cremation services for your beloved animal companions.

Visit Our Veterinary Care Center

We serve clients on a walk-in basis, and no appointments are needed. Drop by our animal healthcare facility today to have your pet treated for any situation.